Provider of snake identification, Snakebite treatment & handling courses to the public, corporate and medical professionals across Africa since 2000.

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Retail outlets as a marketing initiative – We will gladly come to your venue and do a presentation as well as demonstration of venomous snakes.
Schools for education of learners – Mike Perry will present a snake awareness talk of 2 hours to accommodate the educational need of the learners.  Snakes will be brought along and kids get an opportunity to handle a non-venomous snake
Clubs, institutions and body corporate of housing complexes – We offer a snake awareness and snake demonstration session of 2 hours to spread awareness in your areas
Kids Parties – We do snake talks at kids parties and bring along snakes to demonstrate to the children.  Only for a limited time as snakes get stressed when handled too much.
Medical Facillities – Because Mike Perry is the snakebite expert he also does talks at any medical facilities like hospitals and conferences.




  • Healthcare Professionals earn CPD points 100% 100%
  • Our courses are FGASA accredited 100% 100%
  • We are the first to deliver snake courses 100% 100%
  • Snake Courses since 2000 100% 100%
  • Snake Catching equipment 100% 100%

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Mike Perry became interested in snakes in 1963 and two years later at the age of 10 he started catching snakes. Out of curiosity, he accomplished his first milking of a Rinkhals (Hemachatus haemachatus) in 1967 and during 1970 he milked and supplied 15 grams Rinkhals (Hemachatus haemachatus) venom for a local snake park that received an order from Germany.

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