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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Hi Mike "It takes about a week before it all sinks in. The knowledge, the experience... the pure thrill of that day! Yes I was afraid.. bloody afraid in fact. Your mouth dries up and your heart pumps! Even the more experienced snake enthusiast students had the same reaction. But I never felt in danger... or like it was ever remotely near getting out of control. Mikes in control and you feel that. His knowledge is immense!!! I cant even emphasize how much he knows. But when you get there... you'll know what I mean. Its education and experience combined into one hell of a powerful package. The first aid section is a must for anybody!!! Seriously... even if its just for that part alone its worth the whole day! You don’t even need to do the handling part to get the full value from this course because we really do know so little in many hospitals, and even less about what we should be doing during those all-important 60 minutes following a snake bite. There are also some great ideas on how to avoid getting bitten in the first place. That 5pm-10PM period for starters! At the end of that day you’re going to leave in a different mindset about who snakes are and what they can ...and cant do. You’re still going to think twice when you see one, but its more of a healthy caution now than a fear.

    Mike... thank you for a very educational day filled with some great life experience! "

    Michael Bowen Michael Bowen
  • The Course was absolutely brilliant, I already knew a little bit about snakes, but what I learned on Saturday, was very very helpful, and informative. This is definitely information that I will be able to use not only at work, but also in my personal capacity.

    I will definitely recommend this course to anybody and everybody that might come into contact with a snake. Will send your details to people who I advise to do the course.

    Thanks again for a wonderful fruitful day of learning and interaction

    Jean Nel Jean Nel BHP Billiton
  • The course contents was excellent (and I must say that even though I had attended two other training courses during the previous two years and without diminishing the value of the other courses)

    Yours were the best I have attended.

    The biggest value I got was the depth of the information that you shared with us!

    With the presentation of the course and the learning materials nobody will be able to find fault, it was very complete and will be of use to me for a very long time still.

    One point I think you should consider though is spending more time on the handling of the snakes, not that there was any fault in the way you did it, but for a novice it might just help them gain more confidence.

    The Mamba training was definitely a highlight for the day! And the day that you present an advanced training session you will definitely see me there.

    Once again thank you for a very informative course!

    Best of luck with completing your book and I hope to see it on the shelves in the very near future.

    Best regards

    Wimpie Burtles - Chief Safety Officer Wimpie Burtles - Chief Safety Officer Samancor
  • I attended the venom and snake handling course at African Reptiles and Venom. What a fantastic experience!!! The course was very informative and well structured, regarding snakes, their particular venom, symptoms, affects and treatment there of! I know far more than I did previously! Thanks Mike! Without doubt the most exciting part of the course came down to handling the snakes we had just learnt about... Including the effects of their venom... Eeeck!!! Mike was brilliant in explaining and demonstrating the proper method in handling and capturing them. Very very exciting! Got the blood and heart pumping!!! Especially with the Black Mamba!!! WhooHaa!!! Awesome course! Thanks Mike!!! Best regards
    Kyle Aneck-Hahn Kyle Aneck-Hahn
  • Hi Mike I only got positive feedback from the guys that attended. Your manner of facilitating the course as well as your course material is of a very high standard. The guys found the course to be very informative and “fun”. We all learned a great deal and have standard procedures now in place for the entire Lonmin on reporting of snakes, procedures on the actual catching of the snake and numerous other procedures and standards to ensure the safety of our employees. We really appreciate all the effort you put into the course. Everybody loved the practical exercise and detested the written test. Ps. The food was great!!
    Albert Kent Albert Kent
  • Hey Mike, Of course I enjoyed my day with you, it was very interesting. The Snake ID and Snake Bite Treatment lessons were very fascinating and educational. I liked how you went into so much depth with everything, whereas most herpetologists I've been to just go over the basics. I'm sure that I gained the most knowledge that day compared to any other day of my life. The Venomous Snake Handling courses were also obviously fantastic. I found the method you taught us was very safe, and I found it even safer with you around. The main thing I loved about my day with you was how you took so much time to talk to us individually at the end since I had so many questions. I was also able to learn so much about crocodiles, and anything else I wanted to know. I look forward for coming again in two years time when I'm old enough for the Black Mamba course! And I'll definitely stop by the next time I'm in the country. Thanks again,
    Rhody Rhody
  • Hi Mike, Thank you very much for forwarding my certificate. I had a fantastic experience on the course & was very pleased with the outcome. The snake ID & snake bite treatment component was very informative though I did find that the time constraints probably hampered you in imparting your vast knowledge. However, I am glad to have more information on the subject & I'm sure it will prove incredibly valuable in my future endeavours. On a personal note, completing the snake handling component was a huge achievement. Having had little exposure to snakes in the past & an unrealistic discomfort around them it turned out to be an awesome experience. I came away with even more respect for snakes but also a quiet confidence that I will be able to handle them in the appropriate manner should the need arise. I really enjoyed your relaxed lecturing style & the calm manner in which you conducted the practical sessions. This definitely helped me relax in what was initially quite a stressful situation. Thank you once again. Kind regards,. P.S. the home-cooked lunch also went down a treat.
    Charles White Charles White

Courses are FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) approved as specialist courses. The Snake ID & Snakebite Treatment course is registered with HPCSA to provide 5 CPD points for health professionals.

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