Venomous Snake Handling Course

Our Snake Handling course is recognised by FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) as a specialist courses. This course and well as our Snake Identification and Snakebite Treatment Course is required for anybody that wants to keep indigenous South African snakes, or who have just started keeping snakes. This is applicable to residence of Gauteng Province, RSA.

The Snake Handling course covers the following:

Learn to handle snakes correctly and safely and get hands-on experience under Mike’s supervision.

The Venomous Snake Handling course starts at 14h00 on our premises with a lecture and concludes at 17h00.

Testing is practical handling of puff adder, Mozambique spitting cobra, ringkals & savannah cobra under my supervision, and verbal questions and answers as we do handling.

Cost for this course is R740.00 VAT inclusive per person.


I also offer an additional Black mamba handling course for those people that may have a need to handle black mambas at Lodges in the Bushveld. This is done at an additional cost of R550.00 VAT inclusive per person, and runs from 17h15 to 18h30.

Contact us here to arrange a course for you or your company.

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