Interesting facts:

Their bodies are cylindrical and seen to be quite slender. They have very long venom glands; some can grow up to 10cm! Although they have poor eyesight their sense of smell is very keen and is the main use during hunting.


The colour of skin is brown, olive or grey but they are known for the diamond shape pattern on the rest of their bodies expect the head where you can clearly see a V-shape form. They reach an average length of 60cm however some of them do grow up to a meter. They have very rough scales that are slightly keeled.

Environment and Distribution:

Are found all along the east coast of South Africa but not in the Western Cape areas. But they can also be found in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Limpopo and the Free State. They enjoy to be in quite damp areas such as the moist savannah, lowland forest and fynbos and also because there is a lot of prey available in these areas.


Although the venom is non-lethal it can cause dangerous tissue damage when bitten because of the mild cytotoxic venom so it is important to have immediate medical attention when bitten.

Final words:

These snakes don’t get the attention they deserve in modern days. Not only are they extremely attractive but they are also a huge environmental soldier by taking our vermin and pests.