Egg-eater VS Night Adder - How To Tell Them Apart

Egg-eaters are often mistaken for Night Adders, especially where their range overlaps. See the comparison table below for key points to consider when trying to see the difference between the Common Night Adder and the Rhombic Egg-eater.

Rhombic Egg-eater

  • “V” Chevron marking on the NECK
  • Vertical pupils
  • Skin appears rough and dry
  • Mouth black inside
  • Rounded snout
  • Slender body
  • Mostly seen at night

Egg-eater Map

Egg-eater Gallery

Rhombic Night Adder

  • “V” Chevron marking on the HEAD
  • Round pupils
  • Velvety smooth skin
  • Mouth pink inside
  • Pointed snout
  • Short and thickset
  • Mostly seen during the day

Night Adder Map

Night Adder Gallery