The Black Spitting Cobra


DANGEROUSLY VENOMOUSBlack Spitting Cobra (Naja nigricincta woodi)Other Names: Swartspoegkobra, Swart Spoegslang (Afrikaans), Mhungu (chiShona)IDENTIFYING FEATURES:Pitch black with very shiny scales, it lifts front of body to spread a hood, and will quickly [...]

The Black Spitting Cobra2023-09-26T10:48:15+01:00

The Herald Snake


MILDY VENOMOUSGeneralThe Herald Snake (Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia) is known by a few other names: Red-lipped Herald, Redlip, Red Lip, White-lipped snake, White-lipped Herald snake, Black-templed Cat Snake.It is a well-known snake deriving its [...]

The Herald Snake2023-09-12T11:56:29+01:00


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