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Medical Snakebite Treatment

Based upon thesis written and researched by the late Dr Roger Blaylock for the syndromic management of snakebite.

*Medical Professionals earn 5 CPD points

This course covers the following:

  1. Identification of the dangerous and medical important snakes.
  2. Symptoms and syndromes of snakebite.
  3. First Aid protocol
  4. Medical Snakebite treatment.
  5. Allergies to anti-venom and treatment of anaphylaxis

Doctors and Medical staff will earn 5 CPD points on completion of this course.

  • For public once a month presented at African Reptiles & Venom training center in Gauteng.
  • Companies required to have 10 or more people for booking. Add travel and accommodation where applicable.

R1300 per person Vat incl.

R2100 per person Vat incl. to add Venomous Handling

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