Venomous Snake Handling

This is a course suitable for people who have to capture problematic snakes that pose a risk to the immediate public or workplace.
It is required of anybody who wants to keep venomous snakes to do a certified snake handling course.

This course covers the following:

  1. Skills on how to safely capture a snake.
  2. Using the correct equipment for the correct situation.
  3. Practical handling of four different venomous snakes under the watchful eye of Mike Perry and the rest of the African Reptiles & Venom team.
  • Completion of theoretical course with Mike Perry
  • For public once a month presented at African Reptiles & Venom training center in Gauteng.
  • Companies required to have 10 or more people for booking. Add travel and accommodation where applicable.

R800 per person Vat incl.

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