Training Course: Venomous Handling 30 Sept. 2023


Venomous Snake Handling Course - Gallery Pictured here are Venomous Snake Handling course attendees handling Puff Adders, Rinkhals, Mozambique Spitting Cobras and Snouted Cobras " width="400" height="600" data-src-fg="" />Course 2023 September 30-3 [...]

Training Course: Venomous Handling 30 Sept. 20232023-12-19T08:57:22+00:00

Black Mamba Profile


Black Mamba Profile For decades, the Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) has captivated the imaginations of both researchers, herpetologists, and adventurers alike. Revered for its speed, agility, and potent venom, this iconic reptile [...]

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